Committee on Polar Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established in 1977. It associates together a group of scientists, both experienced researchers and junior experts engaged in research of the polar regions of the Earth. Members of the Committee represent many disciplines of the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities and they represent more than 20 scientific institutions in Poland.



Activities of the Committee are managed by the Presidum and they conducted by six working groups.


The main tasks and responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:

  • Consolidation and coordination of scientific polar research in Poland.
  • Stimulating cooperation between scientific and research sector (universities, institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences and other research units) and public administration, non-governmental organizations and entities from the private sector.
  • Editing the peer-reviewed ‘Polish Polar Research’ journal, and other periodical publications and occasional.
  • Outreach and popularization of the results of polar research, especially those of particular import_ance for Poland and in the global scale.
  • Representation of Poland in the international polar organizations.
  • Co-organization and patronage of nationwide polar symposia and international scientific conferences.
  • Initiation and support for interdisciplinary research projects, both national and international.
  • Assistance in the development of Polish research infrastructure in the Arctic and Antarctic polar areas (scientific stations and research vessels).
  • Scientific patronage, support and cooperation with APECS Poland (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) and the Polish Polar Consortium.