347563847 265037336072096 1692186073932726707 nPolish Polar Research, a renowned international journal focusing on polar research, invites researchers and scholars from various disciplines to contribute to a special issue titled "Social Relevance of Polar Research."
Polar research encompasses a broad spectrum of scientific investigations, including environmental studies, climate change research, biodiversity conservation, psychology, human geography, indigenous studies, anthropology, political science, tourism sustainable development and more. While the natural aspects of polar research have received significant attention, this special issue seeks to bridge the gap and shed light on the social relevance and broader societal implications of this critical field.
The processes and phenomena occurring in polar regions nowadays directly affect not only the natural environment but also people - both the Arctic residents, including indigenous peoples, as well as researchers, temporary workers, and tourists who occasionally visit the circumpolar areas. What are the causes and consequences of these processes and phenomena? What is their scale and intensity? How can we perceive these changes, and at what point? Are we capable of accurately explaining them and, based on that, making adjustments or modifications that will have a constructive impact on the region and the ongoing processes and phenomena within it? Can we precisely measure changes in human physiology and psyche during exposure to extreme conditions and propose adequate support methods on this basis? These questions can be reduced to one overarching question regarding the social relevance of polar research.
This special issue aims to explore the multifaceted dimensions of polar research in relation to individuals and society, highlighting its significance, implications, and potential contributions to addressing challenges in the polar regions and beyond.
We invite original research papers, review articles, and case studies that contribute to the understanding of the social relevance of polar research. Topics of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Psychological aspects of human adaptation to life and work in polar conditions
2. Polar research policies and science diplomacy
3. Education, outreach, and public engagement initiatives in polar
4. Political and geopolitical dimension of polar regions in 21st century
5. Tourism and its social, cultural, and environmental implications in polar areas
6. Socioeconomic impacts of polar research on local communities
7. Gender perspectives and inclusivity in polar science and research projects
8. Indigenous knowledge and its integration with scientific research
9. Governance, policy, and legal frameworks in polar areas
10. Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in polar regions
11. Social dimensions of environmental protection and conservation
12. Socio-cultural dynamics and challenges faced by polar communities
Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts adhering to the guidelines provided on the Polish Polar Research website. All submissions will undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality, originality, and relevance to the special issue. Manuscripts should be submitted online through the journal's submission system, following the specified format and referencing style.
● Manuscript submission deadline: 30 October 2023
● Notification of acceptance: by 31 January 2024
● Publication of the special issue: spring/summer 2024
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For inquiries regarding the special issue, please contact the Guest Editors at the provided email addresses.
We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions to this special issue, exploring the social relevance of polar research and its implications for society. Together, let us delve into the multifaceted interactions between science, society, psychology, geopolitics, and the polar regions, aiming to foster sustainable, inclusive, and socially impactful research in these critical areas.
Michał Łuszczuk,
Co-editor of Polish Polar Research